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The next move was to upgrade from the Mahala 320T to a Baton-Rouge UR 4 - TCE, on the right, a nice sounding Ukulele with integral pickup.

In early 2019 I retsrung the Baton Rouge with an Aquilla Low G set which suites my kind of music very well.

My Ukulele “History”

Having some experience with a guitar I started with a Mahala 320B Baritone Ukulele at Christmas 2015. I liked the  Baritone’s rich, mellow tone and the relatively large finger board made fingering chords easier.

When I had enough confidence to ‘go public’ and play with other Ukuleles at a local club the differences between Ukulele types became clear and  I bought a Mahala 320C Concert Ukulele to give a more traditional sound.

The Mahala 320 Family

Baton-Rouge UR-4-TCE

To provide a traditional Ukulele sound option I have replaced the 320C Concert  with the Lani LS-55/SM Soprano below which is great fun to play and sing to.

A Mahala 320T Tenor was  then added as I wanted a fuller sound than the Concert.

November 2020

I have recently bought  a Kmise 8 string tenor Ukulele that seems to be settling down as its strings get stretched and the body takes the strain. Initial tuning was a bit of a nightmare but subsequent small adjustments are straight forward. I have no issues with fingering the pairs of strings so playing it is not a problem.

It has been tuned for around a month and it settled in well. The overall tuning drops very slowly and is only obvious when the octave pairs differ or when playing in company. Re-tuning such a small difference is not a problem.  I get a weeks playing before tuning when playing solo.