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Home Made Travel Uke

The idea of a Travel Uke was rooted in keeping my left hand fingers toughened up when on holiday. Commercial ones seemed a bit expensive for what I wanted so I decided to have a go.

My starting point was a Soprano kit from Amazon as a quick way to acquire the core hardware of tuners, nut, bridge and fingerboard.  

For around £20 The project has resulted in a quiet, working, 414 mm long, soprano size ukulele.

The string layout is up-side down. They are tied at the nut and pass over the bridge then down through the top. They then turn 90 degrees round a 6 mm steel rod and fan out to the tuners.

The removable back is held in place by a magnet.

The removable bridge cover stops my hand  touching the strings as there is very little space to hold the Uke when playing.

The bridge cover fixing screw gives a strap location if needed.